Own a Print of My Signature Piece

After stopping by ROOQ NYC to find out the public's feedback on my 'Frames on Frames' collection, the owner of the space shared some very exciting news. The work shown above is hanging in the window at ROOQ, it is not only my signature piece, but it represents a turning point in my career where I finally embraced charcoal as my medium of choice.

The owner told me that he's had numerous people come into the shop to inquire about purchasing the original. At this point, I'm not willing to let go of the original, but I'd like to share this work with those who appreciate it. Therefore, I've decided to print 10 signed, limited edition prints. I'm printing the work on thick, high-quality paper, to the exact likeness of the drawing. Each print will be 24" x 32" (the same dimensions as the original) and will cost a third of the original price which will include tax and shipping.

I'm very excited about this! If you are interested in purchasing a print, please email me at info@sarahhreynolds.com