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There Go I

7 minutes and 27 seconds


This is my first video performance piece inspired by a young boy who I saw dancing solo at a club. He was uninhibited, and carefree; I found myself admiring his endurance and was envious of his courage to completely let go and commit to his movements. I'm uncomfortable dancing and performing in public, but by making this piece, I chose to put myself in a vulnerable position. While wearing a black bodysuit, I played the song that boy was dancing to at the club, while engaging every part of my body and the surrounding space in one 7 minutes and 27 second take. The experience was transformative.

Click on the still above to watch the robotic clouds roam about Philip Bloom Gallery.

Nantucket, MA


Recurring dreams are visuals that beg to be materialized in the physical world. My series, ­Manifested Cumulus, stems from a recurring dream where a dark obscure cloud appears and engulfs my surroundings. A friend suggested that I draw the cloud and allow it to take on life in the real world. After completing the drawing, the cloud disappeared from my dreams and instead, manifested itself into my art. By unleashing a subconscious formation into my life, it has taken over my creative process.
This series serves as the next step in giving life to my recurring dream. By incorporating video and moving sculptures, I'm able to give the original idea mobility in the real world. The video portion of this series functions as a literal expression of being haunted by a form. Even when I’m not creating, the idea is still present. The roaming robotic clouds serve to consume the space with their presence and move freely about. By interacting with visitors of the gallery, they have the potential to penetrate new minds and multiply in existence.